Boston or Bust! (update)

With just around 10 days left before I hope to leave for Boston, I’m short just $145! That’s basically my plane ticket! So, I’ve decided to mark down some more posters in my etsy shop in hopes of reaching, or getting as close as possible to my goal. Later today all 11×14 posters will still be $15, and all 8×10’s will be $10. I have never priced stuff this low, but I really want to make this trip possible, and I didn’t have the time to do a second kickstarter!

I also realized I didn’t go into much detail about what this money is going towards… so here it goes…

I’m trying to raise a total of $450.

-$70 will go to helping pay my portion of gas on the way up to Boston.

-$130 will go to my plane ticket back to Atlanta

-$150 will be my food budget, which will be $10/day (This won’t cover all food costs, but it will help)

-$100 to purchase the paper needed to print the actual posters!

This is a project I’ve wanted to do for a few years now. And it’s very exciting that I’m finally getting the chance to do it. The project itself will be a total of 10 different prints, each in editions of 25. Each print will have 8 colors (and a lot of transparency) to create 12 colors, a light gray and a black. Each color will represent one of the most frequently used letters in the english language: ETAOIN SHRDLU. Each print will have a section of song lyrics presented in these 12 color blocks. I will not be divulging what the song lyrics are (they are kind of like a word game with colors) but as my mother has proven, you can break the color code and figure it out. 



The reason for the song lyrics? Well, I love listening to music, I love making posters and I would love to make posters with song lyrics. I don’t, however, want to deal with copyright infringement. I also find music to be really personal, and I know that I’m not about to put the lyrics to my favorite songs, word for word, visible to all, on my wall. 



I printed a test version of this poster idea, and I know now that I can’t get my press (a poco proof press) to have the tight registration required to print these posters the way I want. Going to Boston allows me to be a visiting artist at the Boston Paper Collective and through them and access to their press, I’ll be able to print these posters the way I want with the close registration required. 

While in Boston, I will also teach two workshops at the Boston Paper Collective. One will be a general intro letterpress workshop and the other will be an alternative class on how to print using materials other than type, linoleum and photopolymer. 

In order to do all this, I’m selling my previously printed posters for a price I would never normally sell them for. AND if you buy one of my sale posters, you will also be first in line to purchase one of these super awesome prints, but you will also get $5 off. That’s a pretty sweet deal. 

Boston or Bust!!





30 for 15!


That’s right, I’m marking all 11×14 posters down to $15 each until I can sell 30 total. I have never marked prices down this low… so why now, you ask? Well, I’m trying to fund a trip up to Boston to teach a workshop and print a whole new series of posters!

This new series is one I have been pondering for some time now, and I really want to get them out of my head and onto some paper. This past week I used my Poco Proof Press to attempt to print one of these posters. I wouldn’t say it was a disaster, but my lovely Poco is just not equipped for printing something like this. With a large print that needs insanely close registration, and will be printed in 8 runs, I really need to use a press with a built in registration system… like, say, a Vandercook?


My super awesome friend Regina, who is the print shop tech at the Boston Paper Collective will be driving down South during the first part of April and, if I can get a little more money in my pocket, I can drive back with her, teach a letterpress workshop at the Boston Paper Collective AND print this new series of posters on their wonderful Vandercook.

Between applying for Grad school, studio bills, and general living expenses, this trip can’t happen without a little help from all my friends. If I can sell 30 posters for $15 each, I can make this happen. If you buy a poster, you will also be the first to be able to buy this new round of posters and for $5 less than their retail price (of $35/each). What a crazy awesome deal!!!


This new series is somewhat secretive and sly, and takes a little bit of explaining. Each poster will contain multiple colored squares (at 36pt). Each color represents one of the twelve most frequently used letters in the English language: ETAOIN SHRDLU. Punctuation will be set in 36pt. Franklin Gothic. Each print will be a short portion of lyrics from different well-known songs. I will not divulge what songs are represented, that is up to the viewer to discover.

If you would like to help me in this endeavor, go to my etsy site and buy some prints! 

Thanks for your support,

Megan L. King 

In Memory of Jessica Weston


On Sunday, November 25th my cousin, Jessica, after fighting a long and arduous battle with cancer, departed this world. Her time here was cut unfairly short by such a horrible illness, but that never stopped her from living everyday to its utmost potential, helping every person that crossed her path, and always smiling even when she was in more pain than most of us will ever know or experience.  

At 33, Jessica was, and will always be, the oldest grandchild of Loyd & Beverly King. She will always be the cousin that I look up to with the utmost respect and admiration. Even though I didn’t get to see or talk to her as much as I would have (and should have), the second she saw me she would smile widely and say,

“Hey Meggie” in a way that would make me feel like no time had passed since our last visit. We would chat and she would listen to the thoughts of her seven-year younger cousin like they were that of the most important person in the world.

On Jessica and Josh’s wedding day, nothing seemed to upset her as it might any other bride. While dancing, her wedding dress started to tear and fray at the bottom, terrified, I ran over to tell her and her response was, “I’m only going to wear it once, I might as well enjoy it!” I can only hope that on my wedding day that I am as relaxed as she was.

As I got older and matured out of being an awkward emo teenager, I started to get compared to Jessica more and more. I have always chalked it up to our liberalistic tendencies and our more that slightly stubborn ways. Mostly because I could not begin to see how I could be anywhere near the level of one of the people I looked up to and admired my entire life. I still don’t believe I am anywhere near the person Jessica was, but I will strive the rest of my life to live up to that comparison.

Jessica will continue to live on in every person that was lucky enough to meet her and to know her. Her daughter will continue to know her mother through the stories of Jessica’s life and will no doubt follow in her compassionate footsteps.

My heart will continue to ache for the cousin who was torn from this world, but I know Jessica would not want me to see the negative in life, or death, and instead enjoy every minute and every breathe I am allowed to take on this earth.

She will be missed, but she will continue living through our memories and our actions. In her memory and in celebration of her amazing life, please donate your time or money to an organization you are passionate about, hug the ones you love and life every day with a smile. 




I've been very bad at updating my blog. But it's just because there's so much going on right now. What's going on? Well, Chris and I are getting ready to move into Atlanta proper… we will be in the heart of it all come November. We definitely gave up space for location as we are going to be living right in Little Five Points. We are both very happy to be getting back into a city. Now, what does this mean for MLK&toast? Well, fret not. MLK&toast is moving up in the world… pretty literally really. No more basement/garage for this gal! I'm all moved in to a studio space in Little Tree Studios in Avondale Estates, GA. (It's only 5 miles from Little Five Points, close to Decatur). It's an amazing space with an adorable little window and I can't wait to get into Atlanta so I can spend as much time as possible in my studio! But for right now, my life is all about packing, organizing and cleaning. 

For all you locals, I'll be at the Artists Market in Marietta this Saturday, October 27th. It will sadly be the last time I'll be at the market this year… but stay tuned, I will have stuff for sale in other locations soon!

“What We Tell Each Other”

There is a super killer kickstarter campaign out right now that should not only get funded because of how awesome it is, but because the person doing the campaign is also super awesome.


Yeah, okay. There’s a chance that I know the lady.

There’s also a chance that I’ve donated a few posters to help her achieve her goal.


 She doesn’t really need my help since her work speaks for itself, but I wanted to at least do something to feel like I’m contributing to her future success. 

So take a few minutes and watch her video, support if you can and spread the word either way. 

You can see her full kickstarter here: What We Tell Each Other

The Mundane Object Project

Ever since I finished the Vinyl Shine series I’ve struggled to find a new project that will keep me interested and excited for a fair amount of time. I’ve also been super hesitant about starting another project since the Vinyl Shine prints not only sold fairly well, but also got me a lot of press. They have been shown locally in two places, and in Boston at Goosefish Press (where a set currently is on display until August 28th). They were also the reason I did a (successful) kickstarter campaign. They gave me a huge boost of confidence, enough to not only apply to the Hatch Show Print Internship program, but get accepted into it. If I was a musician, they would be my first album, and now I have to come up with a second. 

Enter: The Mundane Object Project


So this project is simple in idea, but somewhat complicated in execution. I want to create simple objects out of the type I have available in my shop with the name of said object below it. They are simple in layout… Object, Title. But (so far) they have all been at least 3 colors, but usually closer to 5. They are all being printed on my Poco Proof Press, which means every color is hand inked and run through the press individually. I’m trying to play more with colors and layering those colors. Each edition is going to be around 75, which means I’m ordering a lot of paper. I have three that I have photographed, one that I just finished printing today and one that I’m locking up in my press tomorrow. 

I’m also quickly realizing that these might very well become a full alphabet, but I’m not making any promises.

I find it incredibly nerve-wracking introducing new work. I just hope I can find people that like what I do and want to give me a little cash money so I can keep doing it.



I’ve been posting photos as I go on Instagram. If you like my work (and cute pictures of kittens) follow me! @mlkandtoast

I’m also on facebook now?

Happy 4th of July!

I absolutely love the Fourth of July.

When I was little, my family would usually take a trip to The Gorge and camp in our Getaway Van along the Columbia River for the weekend of the 4th. My brother and I would light off fireworks, throw smoke bombs into buckets of water, shoot roman candles into the river, light bumble bees in our hands and throw them in the sky at the last minute. My dad would windsurf, my mom would hang out with our friends and collect rocks with us when we started running low on things to blow up. We would head down to the water to watch the fireworks being lit all over the river and bask in the beautiful summer night.

To me, summer doesn't officially start until the 4th of July.

In 2009, Chris and I had a lot of our friends over and we grilled, drank and ate before heading down Mass Ave. to find a spot to watch the fireworks. We didn't know it then, but that 4th would be one of the last times we were all together in Boston. Soon after people started moving and in just over a year, we too moved away from Massachusetts. I hope that I can see at least one more Boston fireworks display though. They really are incredible. It's amazing that the city (especially everything on Mass Ave.) shuts down. It's an incredible sight to see so many people all around the river, covering the bridge and in every blank spot along the way.

The following year, we were in Disney World for the 4th. I think I was on firework overload that trip. It was so hot, we frequently would get into the park(s) late, and would undoubtably stay for their fireworks. I'm pretty sure I got about a full week of fireworks. We went to the Magic Kingdom on the 3rd and ended up being ushered into the Disney backlot, which made Chris' dad super happy. We watched the whole display from back there… which meant that at certain points we had fireworks going off all around us. It was intense, and "magical". It was totally different than watching fireworks in Boston. This one had an unmistakable "corporate" feel to it. There was music and voices and a huge white castle. It was awesome, just a very different awesome than anything I had seen before.

Last year, we went to New Orleans to visit my wonderful friend, Jessica. I really thought I had experienced heat before that trip. Turns out that wasn't true. NOLA is freaking humid and hot. The cockroaches are the size of lizards. But it's one of the few places I have been to that really has an unmistakable and original "vibe" to it. That sounds really cheesy, but New Orleans is New Orleans. There isn't another one. The fireworks were a little lackluster, but we were on a rooftop with people that were lighting off their own. I realized that if the fireworks I'm witnessing aren't huge elaborate ones, I want to be in control of lighting them.

This year, we are in Marietta. We'll be going over to B&P's for super southern fried chicken. We might try and go splash through Sope Creek and we'll probably watch the Fireworks in Marietta Square.

Happy 236th Birthday America!

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."