Color-Coded Song Lyrics a.k.a. Color Language a.k.a. Figure It Out.


When I went up to Boston in April, my main reason was to print a series of 10 14-color letterpress prints. I ended up printing 8, which makes me happy, but also makes me want to print a whole bunch more (which I will at some point). Each print is in a limited edition of approximately 20.

So here’s the deal.


Each print has 14 colors, and was run through the press 8 times. Each color represents one of the most frequently used letters in the English language, also known as ETAOIN SHRDLU. Gray squares represent the rest of the letters in the alphabet and black makes up punctuation.


Each print is a short section of different song lyrics. Song lyrics are very personal, frequently used and recited and heavily copyrighted. This was my way of addressing all of that while attempting to make something that was more visually appealing than just the words written on paper. I have nothing against words, obviously, but I felt like lyrics are more than just the words they make up, and I know some of my favorite songs might be ridiculous to others.

Everything you need to figure out what the lyrics are can be found in the colors. So go, figure it out and report back.


Read about my time at the Boston Paper Collective Here.

View Images of all the Lyrics: Here.

Purchase Lyric Posters: Here.


30 for 15!


That’s right, I’m marking all 11×14 posters down to $15 each until I can sell 30 total. I have never marked prices down this low… so why now, you ask? Well, I’m trying to fund a trip up to Boston to teach a workshop and print a whole new series of posters!

This new series is one I have been pondering for some time now, and I really want to get them out of my head and onto some paper. This past week I used my Poco Proof Press to attempt to print one of these posters. I wouldn’t say it was a disaster, but my lovely Poco is just not equipped for printing something like this. With a large print that needs insanely close registration, and will be printed in 8 runs, I really need to use a press with a built in registration system… like, say, a Vandercook?


My super awesome friend Regina, who is the print shop tech at the Boston Paper Collective will be driving down South during the first part of April and, if I can get a little more money in my pocket, I can drive back with her, teach a letterpress workshop at the Boston Paper Collective AND print this new series of posters on their wonderful Vandercook.

Between applying for Grad school, studio bills, and general living expenses, this trip can’t happen without a little help from all my friends. If I can sell 30 posters for $15 each, I can make this happen. If you buy a poster, you will also be the first to be able to buy this new round of posters and for $5 less than their retail price (of $35/each). What a crazy awesome deal!!!


This new series is somewhat secretive and sly, and takes a little bit of explaining. Each poster will contain multiple colored squares (at 36pt). Each color represents one of the twelve most frequently used letters in the English language: ETAOIN SHRDLU. Punctuation will be set in 36pt. Franklin Gothic. Each print will be a short portion of lyrics from different well-known songs. I will not divulge what songs are represented, that is up to the viewer to discover.

If you would like to help me in this endeavor, go to my etsy site and buy some prints! 

Thanks for your support,

Megan L. King