You Are My Sunshine

While I was up in Boston, I was able to work on a project very close to my heart. My cousin Missy contacted me after her sister, my cousin Jessica, passed away from colon cancer asking me if I could make her a set of posters based on the song ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ It took me awhile to come up with a design I felt good about, and when I realized once I knew I was going to Boston, that I could print these exactly how I envisioned.

The first of the two Sunshine posters took 4 runs through the press, a white undercoat, a pressure print, a linoleum cut and some wood type.


The second also took 4 runs, the same linoleum cut, more wood type in two different colors of blue and a pressure print over the top in a very light blue.


These two prints are in honor and celebration of my cousin Jessica, and a portion of the proceeds of each limited edition poster will go to the Colon Cancer Alliance in her name.


The 2 Poster set can be purchased here for $75 with $25 going to the CCA.

Individual Posters can be purchased here & here for $40 with $15 going to the CCA.